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Do a Pull Up

I’m not somebody who goes to the rec center so as to look cool or to force ladies. Truly that is reality, I’d most likely let you know whether I did and in any case I have a sweetheart and stand no way of looking cool… However, once in a while having the capacity to flaunt is positively one of weight training’s little livens and it’s one that I unquestionably relish to boot. The one furnished push up and the one equipped force are two extremely perfect little gathering traps that show the force of lifting weights and make individuals pay heed to what you’ve accomplished. To make them significantly cooler, Bruce Lee used to do them as well. Truth be told Bruce did press ups on a solitary finger and thumb… yet perhaps we stroll before we can run huh?

So what’s the secret? Well obviously to being with you need to get good at doing regular press ups and regular pull ups. So train lots, it’s boring and obvious but sorry – it’s true. At the same time work the same muscles in other ways: bench press, lat pull down, sit ups (core stability plays a big role in stabilising you during these movements).

After that you can start moving on to some transitional exercises that place more weight on just one side. For example, while doing press ups only go down on one arm but make sure you keep the other one on the ground for balance and to take the small amount of weight you can’t do on your own. Similarly for pull ups, lift yourself on one side while just using the other hand to stabilize yourself.

You can then take this further by using a box under one hand for the press ups or by taking one hand off the pull up bar and instead grabbing your own wrist for support. These are great stepping stones to doing one armed exercises on their own, but also make great exercises just as they are and also look quite cool.

Once you can do ten of the press ups leaning to one side or using a box you’re probably ready to give one handed a go. To make sure you’ve got the best technique spread your legs as far apart as you can behind you to distribute your weight more and use the hand you are going to utilise as close to the middle as possible. Tuck the other one behind your back to look cool and nonchalant.

For pull ups there’s no secret to technique and these are slightly harder. Fortunately there’s another transitional exercise here – negatives. These involve jumping up to the bar while holding it with just one hand then letting yourself down as slowly as possible or even just holding yourself statically if you can. Over time this should build your biceps enough to make it a cinch.

And once you’ve mastered those there’s loads of other cool party tricks you can do… squats with people on your shoulders, lifting cars, hand stands press ups, one legged squads… you’ll be the life and soul of the party! And definitely the muscle…